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When asked what would encourage them to spend more on online advertising, 58% of brands and agencies said: «better targeting of ads»

Joanna O’Connell, Forrester Research

The Economist adopts time-based ad sales
The Economist is ready to move beyond the impression and bet heavily on user attention-based selling as the future. The publisher, which operates a hybrid subscription and ad-funded business »
Now Marketers Can Buy Sponsored Content Programmatically
Publishers' branded content is going programmatic. Today, Sharethrough and AppNexus are rolling out real-time bidding for Sharethrough's news feed-like promos. Publishers like Forbes, People »
The Rise Of Audience-Powered DSPs
DSPs have evolved and have become much better at targeting people than just buying media. The original purpose of DSPs was to access exchange-based media placements.  They were a tool to buy »
Is Programmatic Delivery Of Native Advertising The Answer To Ad Blocking?
It's interesting to see some predictions from Spear Marketing Group on which types of technology U.S. B2B marketers expect to find important this year and next, as well as which they expect to see »

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