Performance Outfit is a leading provider of programmatic data-driven targeting solutions designed to help marketers understand and reach their audiences online.

We combine our own unique blend of audience planning, targeting, bidding and optimization capabilities to deliver exceptional campaign performance. Together with our DMP/DSP partners, our Audience Scoring Engine translates data into real-time customer intelligence that yields high performing and highly relevant online advertising, targeted to your customer.

For agencies, we are also changing the way digital media is purchased, and creating a new, more efficient way for advertisers to reach consumers, individually, at scale. Change your goals, and within seconds the mix of media, audiences, and messages adjusts to achieve these goals, across over 30 billion daily impressions reaching 90% of world’s connected customers. All with full control and transparency into the outcomes you are driving with every dollar spent.

From awareness to engagement, from cost per conversion to lifetime value, from NPS to ROI, you define the goals that matter for your business, and let our technology and math do the rest. Your marketing dollars, your metrics, on goal based marketing.

Why us?

Most performance marketing businesses got their start in display advertising and are deeply rooted in the complexity of the 3rd party advertising ecosystem. They insist that their role is to deal only with anonymous user data, and are mostly based on a DMP solution. This doesn’t solve the marketer’s need for end-to-end customer life-cycle management across the spectrums of acquisition to retention and translating the anonymous to known.

Performance Outfit started by focusing on the needs of you, the marketer. Whether your objective is to acquire new customers or maintain existing ones, excellence in digital marketing is necessary. An overall approach is needed, that makes messaging relevant, consistent and effective and it makes analytics actionable. And at Performance Outfit, it’s what we call Performance Management.


Our commitment to our customers is how we do business. Our Team supports that passion, to help our customers get the most out of their Performance Outfit relationship. From training to strategy, integration to custom development, plus the creation, design and execution of campaigns and the analytics that follow – the Performance Outfit team is here for you.

Our Team is a dedicated group of marketing professionals whose charter is to ensure your deployment and ongoing operation are both efficient and thorough, while positioning your company to realize its marketing goals. Whether an Agency or a Publisher, the PerformanceOutfit team partners with your organization to understand your strategic goals so that underlying tactics can be appropriately aligned to support your strategy.

  • Implementation specialists ensure your program’s success by carefully shepherding you through data intake and collection.
  • Data and visualization specialists make sure your data is normalized and optimized for the most effective segmentation, activation and analysis.
  • The Actionable Analytics team provides analysis and guidance to extract the greatest value from your data.
  • Activation and execution teams guide and assist you with channel tactics, best practices, targeting optimization, creative and campaign reporting.
  • Account management teams guide you from implementation through and including steady state operations by providing both strategic and day-to-day, tactical support.

A client’s success, your success, starts with a successful implementation. The PerformanceOutfit team will be intricately involved with you and your team during the implementation, not because it is difficult, but because it’s important.

For every basic implementation, our team will be completely engaged and will walk you through every step of the process effectively and efficiently. If you choose advanced implementation options, like API integration, for example, our team will provide as much support as necessary for smooth integration and can supplement your staff when desired.

Once steady state operations are reached, our team will provide strategic and tactical guidance at a minimum, but can also provide media buying, channel activation and execution services including targeting, optimization, messaging, creative, reporting, analysis and more, at your option.

How we work

PerformanceOutfit wants you to succeed and grow with us. Based on the maturity of your program and the level of strategic or tactical engagement necessary at any given time, our team will work with you on a plan that advances your overall goals and your organization. Then we will do it again to make sure you and your marketing efforts are constantly succeeding, constantly improving and leveraging your data in the greatest possible way to do so.

Benefit from strategic direction and ideas or take advantage of our experts for complete campaign execution – our team will work with you at the level that is best for your needs.