Traditional marketing and customer databases weren’t designed to handle the nature and volume of data that today’s digital consumers create. Nor were they designed to let you easily operationalize and act on that data. A DMP solves for that. A Data Management Platforms offer digital agility, allowing you to keep pace with your customers.

Data Management Platform: A unified technology platform that intakes disparate first-, second-, and third-party data sets, provides normalization and segmentation on that data, and allows a marketeer to push the resulting segmentation into live interactive channel environments.

Traditional marketing databases were not designed to create lists for direct response campaigns, not to facilitate and measure the real-time orchestration of personalized interactions across channels and devices – interactions that have become the buying cycle of your customer.

A DMP is a two-way pipe into your marketing database, allowing you to easily ingest and activate data across digital channels.

Why use a standalone attribution solution, where you still have to import your findings into a media management system? Our platform makes your attribution data actionable in real-time, automatically feeding into our media optimization system, which will bid appropriately for top of the funnel terms to give you better return on ad spend.

Key Features

  • Cross-Channel Attribution Reporting and Optimization: Report on performance across channels – PPC, SEO, all forms of display, Facebook and email. Establish custom weights and tiers for each channel or exposure. Our flexible, multi-exposure system properly attributes credit for each customer touch point across all of your digital media channels so you can understand what’s really working and make smarter campaign and budgeting decisions. And, our multi-exposure attribution data feeds directly into our optimization system to bid appropriately for top of the funnel terms.
  • Media Mix Modeling: Determine the best media mix model for your brand. Our platform gives you the tools you need to build a model that automatically allocates and optimizes media spend according to your goals. Or let one of our Attribution Advisors build a custom attribution model tailored to your media mix and goals, so you can finally move away from last click and start seeing meaningful ROI improvement across your online advertising.
  • Audience Insights: See the immediate impact of marketing programs on your online revenue and understand your customers’ product interests throughout their consideration lifecycle. Our audience insights include data from our proprietary on-site engagement scoring and profiling technology. View real-time reports on what products your customers are most interested in, which advertising channels or website pages generate the most revenue for each audience segment and more.