Manage, track and optimize display through our real-time bidding (RTB) interface or conduct more traditional buys through our own proprietary DSP, giving you real-time access to inventory on multiple ad exchanges, ad networks and even direct publisher sites. The efficiencies gained with “real-time bidding” first pioneered by search marketers can now be utilized to improve display advertising performance.

With our Digital Marketing Suite, you can centralize all of your display advertising to properly attribute performance and make more informed decisions about where to allocate your budget across publishers. Our capabilities include optimization of display on the exchanges, as well as full reporting and attribution across DSPs, ad networks and direct site buys.

Key Features

  • Customized Remarketing: Determine which audiences to remarket to utilizing our engagement scoring engine, which determines the product interests and buying propensity for each visitor on your website. Build your own custom segments, and optimize performance with our proprietary media optimization technology.
  • Predictive Optimization: Our predictive optimization tool, not only gives marketers the unique ability of forecasting how their campaigns will perform relative to varying budgets, it also automatically optimizes bids at an individual user-level to drive the most conversions at the lowest ad spend.
  • Facebook Exchange: Access to real-time bidding through the Facebook Exchange enhances marketers’ ability to present relevant Facebook ads based on first-party intent data.
  • Centralized Reporting Across all Display: Pull reports and attribute performance across all forms of display in a single interface – from performance-based display on the exchanges to ad networks and direct site buys.
  • Display Performance Attribution: Properly attribute and de-dupe display performance against all other media, including paid search, Facebook advertising, affiliates, email and more.