Build, manage, automate, track and report on Facebook advertising within our central platform, and measure its performance alongside other advertising channels.

DMP Facebook

The Facebook advertising management interface is where marketers can build, manage, track and report on Facebook advertising alongside other advertising channels like paid search and display. With our Digital Marketing Suite, you can place bids, update ad creative, set targeting parameters and optimize both earned and paid Facebook media. With IgnitionOne’s Digital Marketing Suite and through our integration with Expion, brands can automate creation of Facebook Sponsored Stories when there is a high level of activity around a post to quickly capitalize on the amplification made possible by the timely publishing of these ads.

Facebook Exchange support is backed by our powerful best-in-class DSP capabilities and is ideal for marketers looking to expand the reach of their remarketing and audience targeted advertising to Facebook’s huge user base.

PerformanceOutfit’s partners are part of Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) program for Ads.

Key Features

  • Campaign Set Up: Build or import campaigns into the platform with all the features of Facebook and maintain synchronization.
  • Facebook Exchange: Access to real-time bidding through the Facebook Exchange enhances marketers’ ability to present relevant Facebook ads based on first-party intent data.
  • Dynamic Creative: A seamless, integrated way to display relevant messages to consumers on Facebook by displaying products they have engaged with or demonstrated interest in.
  • Engagement Optimization: Gain insights on how Facebook ads drive user engagement and optimize your efforts towards brand goals as well as direct-response goals
  • Bid Management: Choose between manual and automated bid management through our platform
  • Automation: Maximize amplification and performance by automatically launching Sponsored Stories
  • Tracking: Automate your management of ad-level tracking URLs.
  • Reporting & Attribution: De-dupe and attribute Facebook to see how it performs with other digital marketing channels in your marketing mix.