Use all of our DSP based offerings to build a complementary audience targeting ecosystem or choose individual solutions to enhance a specific marketing need.

We offer campaign optimization and cross channel attribution in any CPC channel. We are experts at targeting your desired audience from multiple exposure points along the purchase funnel.

  • Retargeting brings back consumers who have already expressed interest in your product.
  • Audience extension uncovers additional consumers who resemble your highest converters.
  • Custom targeting builds a significant audience pool based on whom you want to reach
  • Contextual Targeting delivers messaging based on the content your consumers have viewed or keywords they searched.

Targeted messages at the right time

Retargeting brings your consumers back to your site by serving them targeted advertising. The results are incremental sales, leads and engagement.

Our superior remarketing performance is possible thanks to the scoring engine, which creates and evaluates behavior-rich audience profiles in real-time. The engine assigns every site visitor a score based on their unique list of attributes – such as frequency, recency and time spent on-site. The score allows us to deliver relevant, dynamic messaging to each visitor, resulting in a smarter bidding process that stretches your media budget further.

Our distinct method recognizes each individual’s behavior and interests in real-time to deliver better performance:

  • Achieve Campaign Efficiency.By gathering and analyzing data about your audience in real-time, we can place a unique value on each site visitor and identify those most likely to convert.
  • Maximize Your Media Dollars.Bidding on quality inventory in real-time enables us to find the right audiences at the best price—and to maximize return.
  • Improve Relevancy.Real-time insights are used to deliver the most relevant ad for each person.

Expand your reach

Audience Extension enables you to find consumers beyond your existing customer base and extend the impact of your remarketing programs:

  • First we index the attributes of the highest converters and most engaged customers on your site.
  • Next we overlay these findings with our own data to identify new users in our audience network with similar attributes.
  • We then create a new audience database exclusively for your brand.

With Audience Extension, you can reach previously untapped prospects— and uncover a new, highly-qualified audience pool.

Your audience delivered

We take the complexity out of ad targeting so you can easily reach your audience while achieving great marketing performance. Our customized approach leverages our own proprietary data and our partnerships with over 20 leading data and inventory providers to produce an audience database tailored to your goals. You can reach your audience at scale, across some of the leading online inventory.

  • We get to know you, your specific needs and campaign goals.
  • We aggregate various data types and sources to create a targeted audience pool.
  • We leverage partnerships with leading publishers and data providers, and our proprietary technology to deliver quality reach and performance.

Score and target across content

Contextual Targeting delivers relevant real-time messaging to your target audience based on the content they have viewed or keywords they searched. We score the content of each page your consumers visit by analyzing the keyword density based on your target keyword list, as well as the pattern profile of web pages. This allows us to determine the most effective alignment for your marketing message.

  • Apply your search findings to your display campaign by leveraging your best-performing keywords to target effectively against desired content. Or avoid specific placements through negative keyword targeting.
  • Customize targeting to reach your niche audiences.
  • Deliver your ad message on premium brand safe and relevant content to drive qualified new customers to your website.
  • Utilize contextual targeting both domestically and internationally with language versatility and global inventory.

Ensure your brand success

Every brand has unique needs. We will work with you to determine any specific sensitivity and choose the inventory and creative canvas that best aligns with your marketing initiatives. Our goal is to deliver your messaging in high-quality environments while maintaining scale and quality.

We offer the essentials for a successful branding campaign:

  • Brand Safe Inventory Program that protects your ads from websites that contain explicit violence, pornography, profanity, hate speech, illegal content, torrents, spyware/malware, copyright infringement and user-generated content.
  • Flexible and rich creative canvas options, including expandables, companion banners, overlay units, in-banner video and pre-roll video, and rich media display.
  • Surveys to understand how your brand and campaign are perceived by your audience, and we utilize the survey results as data points for targeting.
  • Analytics & Optimization that provide intimate access to your campaign audience data and website visitor data for a 360-degree perspective of your consumers.